In this workshop, you will be learning how to make your own fruit trees followed by Jenny's instructions step by step. You will also be learning how to hand paint your own fruit trees by mixing different elements of color paints/palates that would make your trees look so vividly and naturally handmade that your friends and family will not believe it's from the clay.

Items: Orange Tree, Bittermelon, Lemon Tree, Apple Tree, Kumquat Tree, Cherry Tree, Peach Tree, Plum Tree 

Materials are not included. Purchase separately. Materials are based on the type of fruit tree you selected.

Period of completion: 1 year

If you would like to learn just one type of fruit tree from the listed items, it will be $100 for each selected fruit type and $820 for the entire workshop for the tuition fee of $900. You can take the advantage of the discount price by entering JNWP1234 in the coupon code.

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