Thank you so much for your interest in our handmade clay art 100% handmade clay art products!  Our handmade clay flowers and handcrafted clay art are individually hand-made and hand-painted.  Each piece is UNIQUE--it will never come out of the kiln the same way twice, and this guarantees true artistic quality.


Who are Our Partners?

Our partner stores are typically small, boutique style stores with designers or highly experienced sales people willing to work with the clients on custom projects.   These stores are in high-end markets with consumers that have traditional sensibilities.

These are handmade clay art products made by Jenny.  If you are looking for off-the-shelf, pre-made items that offer consistency and uniformity, our handmade clay flowers are a good fit.  Each clay flower boutonniere and clay flower bouquet are an individual work of art with a unique appearance. Our handmade clay art come together create beautiful, unique total compositions.


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