Crafty Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is around the corner and it's probably time to start preparing to shop for clay flower boutonniere, clay flower bouquet, and handcrafted holiday gifts for your special someone. We offer DIY Valentine Gifts you will love. An inspire way to get something unique that no one has for your loved ones.

Save money and creatively tackle your gift list this year with our ideas for one-of-a-kind gifts you can create for him, her, the kids.

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handmade clay flowers
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clay flower bouquet
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clay art classes
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clay flower boutonniere
clay art classes
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Why Handmade Clay Art and Craft?

I am Jenny Lin and I came from Taiwan. I have passion with art crafts at the early age and have made so many different art crafts most of my life until I experienced handmade clay art at the age of 68. Handcrafts have given me so much pleasure and joy every time I completed another new handmade masterpiece. I fell in love with clay art and enjoy making things with Japanese clay that last forever.

To me, it's very clear that clay is one of the best materials to express our creative skill and imagination by hand to form 3 dimensional clay models or art pieces. It helps to bring out the artist and child in us.

This is my dream and passion to bring my artistic joy and fulfillment of clay art to the world. You'll have fun exploring the wonderful world of clay art and creating clay models with us.

We guide you throughout the entire clay art classes step by step. At the end, you will have a complete flower to take home that you will be proud of. Our classes run for approx. 1-2 hrs with no more than ten people attending at a time. All clay materials and use of tools are included in the cost of the workshops.

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Short Introduction video and instructions: How to make beautiful Clay Flowers by Jenny.


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